Workout #1 “Bell Ringer”

Why that name because by the 2nd round I was about ready to “ring the bell” I was done!

Jokes aside this is a fun but tough little workout and the best thing is doesn’t require too much time and you can take it anywhere and makes a great workout if your looking at fat loss.


Fat Loss

After a 5-minutes warm up complete two rounds of the circuit. This can be done outside running or in the gym using any cardio machine. Rowing machine makes for a good one and boxing is defiantly one to try.

Complete two rounds:

  • 3-minutes hard work*
  • 2-minute recovery
  • 2-minute hard work
  • 1-minute recovery
  • 1-minute hard work
  • 30-seconds recovery
  • 30-seconds hard work
  • 3-minute recovery.

Kettlebell classes essex


*hard work is going to vary on your fitness level. Someone who is new to training and used to pushing hard is best to go at 70-80% max effort. Those a bit more experienced should be giving in 90%+ max effort on each round.


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