Kettlebells (Not kettleBALLS for all new newbies) are a Russian strength tool that looks a little like a cannonball with a handle attached. They typically start at 8kg and then progress up in 4kg increments (8kg, 12kg, 16kg and so on) but thats enough of the boring stuff what are the benefits to training with Kettlebells?

I am a bit of a self-confessed kettlebell geek so I could talk about this all day but to keep things short and sweet here are two awesome reason why you should training with Kettlebells:

They are inefficient:

Sorry say again…there inefficient? Well that doesn’t sound right surly you want something to be efficient!

Notable I am a terrible dancer. So if you throw me into a dance class I am going to have to work twice if not three times as hard as someone who is good why because I am inefficient with my movement (Having zero rhythm also helps). If I am trying to lose weight I want to be as inefficient with my movement, this way I am using more energy.

Now normally the issue is overtime you slowly get better at that given task and you start to use less and less energy. Running is a prime example; I have seen plenty of people use running as a way of losing weight and at first its works but overtime as they become more efficient, their results begin to slow down and eventually stop. They get faster but the fat remains.

Both the kettlebell swing and the snatch are a fantastic example of an inefficient exercise. No mater how good I get within 5-minute my heart rate is always sky high. Regular swings are a great way to building some iron lungs as well as burn some pesky fat.

Gets you Lean and makes you strong:

As I talked about above the more explosive kettlebell moves like the swing and snatch are brilliant for helping you shed a few pounds but you also have the slower strength moves like the press, goblet squat and turkish getup. Now these little powerhouses are going to help you develop whole body strength that carries over into sport, daily life and making your body feel like a million bucks.

How to get started:

It’s not like a cult you don’t need to drop everything your doing at the gym and replace it with just kettlebells. Just start by adding in the kettlebell swing a couple of times a week to your regular training. Train at home? No worries I often train from home. I keep a few bells lying around just for that reason. Weight wise ladies start with the 8kg and 12kg and gents with the 12kg and 16kg.

The swing is the best place to start as it carries over into most if not all the other kettlebell techniques.  A quick word of warning unless you have been shown the correct technique before its always best to learn from someone with experience.

If you are interested in learning more about kettlebells and how to use them send me a quick email to and book in for a free trial session. No gimmicks just come in and learn a bit more about kettlebell training.



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