Life inevitably throws your a curve ball. It’s not a case of IF but a case of WHEN. You might have planned on going to the gym after work today but sometimes life (or the train network) has other plans.

You end up getting home super late and the idea of driving to the gym (20-minutes), then training (45-minutes) then driving home again (20-minutes) is just not feasible. The end result you miss the gym that day.

Now if this happens once in a blue moon, no drama but the older we get the more curve balls get thrown then it becomes a bit more of a drama because if there ever was a dark art to getting results it would be this “Consistency beats intensity ten fold!” The more rigged your programming and essential your thinking the harder it will be for you to remain consistent week in and week out

A great quote from the book Antifragile is “Randomness is the rule, not the exception”. With this in mind, it’s often helpful to have a plan B, a backup plan, an in case of emergency break glass workout…and this is where a great low-impact, minimal space bodyweight programme fit’s in perfectly.

Taking that as inspiration I have put together a really simple workout that can be done either as a fantastic warm-up before a quick run or as a stand alone workout making it a great solution for when life throws you a curve ball


What do you need?

  • All you need is enough room to shake a leg and maybe a yoga mat if you’re being fussy. 😀


For a great warm-up before a run complete 3-rounds of the circuit and for a great stand alone workout complete between 4-6 rounds. Minimal rest is required between exercises and rounds 10-20 seconds should be more than enough (feel free to take longer if needed).

Top tip

With each exercise focus on good form and a controlled tempo…no bonus points are given for completing each exercise faster👍

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