I find it strange how we very rarely celebrate all the little wins we have from day-to-day yet most of us fall prey to feeling guilty for any and all the little mistakes we make….Yeah, I ‘m talking about you cookies!

Any big goal such as running a marathon, losing 10lbs or just being fit and healthy requires us to build up loads of  little wins that will eventually become our big win. Unfortunately, we rarely pay much attention to the little wins in favour of waiting until we get a big win to get all excited about.

This nasty little habit can easily leave us demotivated as we essential leave ourselves waiting until our next big win. When instead we should spend more time celebrating all of our micro wins. Things like getting our gym kit ready, writing out a shopping list , turning down the biscuits at work and cooking a good meal. They may only be small wins but as

They may only be small wins but they soon build up. Check out the full video below for more about micro wins.

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