Try this quick Kettlebell workout if you need to spices things up a little in the gym or just need a quick session idea for a busy weekend.


What you need?

  • All you need is a good size Kettlebell and a stopwatch.

Ladies start with a 12kg, Gents a 16kg

*note this is just a guide you can start heavier or lighter depending on your fitness level.


Always complete a good warm up before training (5-minute minimum)

Complete 25-seconds of each drill with a 10-15 rest between exercises.

*focus on form, yes we want to to work hard but keep technique safe.

Rest for 30-60 seconds between rounds and repeat for 3-6 times (depending on your time and fitness level)

Top tip

Please ensure you have been shown the exercise correctly before grabbing a weight and throwing it around. Thank you 👍😀

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