Yes I finally did it! Facing your fears is rarely fun at the time, but boy does it feel great when your done!

For ages I have been saying I will start posting video blogs along side my normal posts…the problem? I have a massive hang up about watching myself on video. As it turns out I’m not crazy and that is fairly normal but it doesn’t change the fact that I have a massive fear of doing it. The fear of being judged…what happens if people don’t like it? Maybe they will laugh…who knows but it will suck!

Yet here I am posting my first video post anyway! I have a big goal! I want to inspire, empower and transform the lives of over 10,000 people but how can I do that if I cant face my own fears and lets face it video is 10x more powerful that reading words on a page so if I really want to help over 10,000 people something has got to give.

Anyway thats enough typing check out video #1 Facing fears below.


If you are struggling to face a fear and need a little help. Apply for a Free Transformation Call today and lets rock this together!


P.S. Massive thank you to all the kind messages, comments and shares this video has already received from the original Facebook post.

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