When it comes to fitness apps you are certainly spoilt for choice. There are thousands of different apps covering all areas from running to sleep tracking. There are some that are awesome and worth checking out and others that just suck.

Here are my top 5# Health and Fitness Apps and why I think they are kick ass!  

#5 Running App

When is comes to running it has to be Nike+ Running. This super slick app allows you to track important run metrics like pace, distance and time along with other features like elevation, fastest mile, 5km and so on. Throw in the fact you have a coaching option that provides a complete training programme from your first 5km all the way to setting a new marathon PB.


#4 Gym Timer

 When it comes to high intensity interval training (HIIT) the last thing you want to try and do is work a stopwatch between rounds. Having a quick and easy to use gym timer is a must. I personally use one called Boxing Timer Pro, its super simple to use but you have plenty of other options. Just make sure you can adjust work time, rest time and total rounds.


#3 Bodyweight Training

This little gem works great as a stand alone workout or as an “in case of emergency” workout – you planned to get to the gym but life threw you a curve ball and you didn’t make it, no worries! Grab a space and your phone and you have an awesome session at your fingertips! You can go full throttle with a 45-minute “Get Lean” workout or complement your 5km run with a 15-minute “Get Focused” session.


#2 Habit Tracker

Consistency is king! I can’t stress to you enough the importance of being consistent with your actions. Building power habits into your life is the most effective way to make positive changes in your life. I use a brilliant little app called “Way of Life”. It allows me to keep a daily log of all my habits and how consistent I am being with them. Tick Yes and you get a green box, tick no and you get a red box. With weekly and monthly statistics available you know how good or bad you are doing overall and with each individual habit (Anything under 80% needs a little work).

#1 Calendar

That’s right – my number #1 health and fitness app is my calendar! The one thing everyone already has on their phone right now! But….but Jamie that’s not cool, that doesn’t come with a celebrity endorsement! Yeah I know sorry to bring the house down but the answer to ‘why?’ is simple. We all have busy lives and therefore use our calendars  (phone or paper) to book in appointments, reminders, meetings and anything else that we need to remember. Can you see where I am going with this? Use your diary to make appointments with yourself. Make appointments to go the gym, to plan and prepare your meals in advance, to review your goals and progress. Then, once they are all booked in, treat them like a meeting with your boss and only reschedule as a last case scenario. You will soon learn how serious you are about success by how well you stick to your appointments.

Well, that’s my top #5 health & Fitness Apps! Think I have got it wrong or maybe you have some of your own you want to share? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Hi, I'm Jamie. My mission is to help busy men and women like you discover that strong, fit and healthy person hidden within so you can grab life by the horns and live with confidence and a smile.
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