Three days of hard training with some of the best kettlebell instructors in the world. The Strength Matter Kettlebell Cert was  defiantly one of the biggest dates in my diary this year and boy it didn’t disappoint!

For me, the Kettlebell has to be the number one all around fitness & strength tool. If you want to lose weight, build lean muscle and forge an iron will the kettlebell is your tool.

Here are my top three reasons for training with kettlebells:

#1 Builds real world strength

Within each and every kettlebell lift you use the body as a whole, not as some Frankenstein’s creation where you work one body part at a time. In Kettlebell training there is no ‘legs day’ or ‘bicep day’ or ‘calfs only’ workout (the last one’s a joke by the way). Every movement focuses on using your body as a whole unit to build real world functional strength. Beyond the strength benefits and lungs of steel; kettlebell training also develops balance, coordination, midline control, joint stability, and mobility. You will not only move strong but you will also move well.

#2 Develops Grit and Robustness

In a word where we strive for convenience and ease, we have lost our primal mental and physical robustness. That grit to push tough even when things get tough. Kettlebell training is simple but not easy. It will help build a level of grit and determination to challenge you both physically and mentally and both of these attributes carry over into all aspects of your life well beyond that of the gym.

In the words of Pavel Tsatsouline “The Kettlebell: an ancient Russian weapon against weakness”. This rings true with the improvement of muscular strength, joint stability, and health but also the strength of mind.

#3 Creates Staying Power

No one has the ambition of being fit enough to run around the park with their kids only to need to rest up the rest of the day in order to recover. You don’t just want fitness you want staying power or in a more technical term: work capacity. In my experience, nothing builds work capacity faster or more safely than kettlebell training.

Want to learn more? If you are interested in learning more about kettlebell training or attending one of my Kettlebell Workshops click here 


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