So you have just ran your first marathon…what now?

For the last few months your main focus has been the on the “big run”. You followed your programme each week without missing a session, you where determined and motivated to achieve your goal!Maybe your motivation wasn’t the 26 mile run, but a race to another big Day, like a holiday or wedding. Now that day may have been and gone and you feel a little lost on what do do next. Your not alone! When your focus has been on a singular event or day  you cant help but feel a little lost. You have gone from having a set programme with very specific target and all the motivation to get you going and now NOTHING!

You could just pick a new goal and move forward but the problem is it’s just not the same. You just took on epic challenge and everything else just doesn’t measure up in comparison –Maybe your heart just isn’t in it.

Speaking from experience

My own “marathon” was the completion of my Commando course for the Royal Marines Reserves last year. I had been training for the previous 18months towards this goal and once it was all over apart from the pride and satisfaction of completing it I felt a little lost. What had been my main driving goal for the last year and a half was gone.  I tried to fix this with a new goal of training up for a triathlon but it wasn’t the same, my heart wasn’t in it! This is nothing against triathlons it was me, I just didn’t have that same drive. The funny thing is you can’t force a goal upon yourself, its has to come organically from your wants and desire.

So for a few months I  just enjoyed a far more relaxed training programme and just kept myself ticking over but nothing too serious. By allowing a little breathing space between goals one will eventually present itself. For me it was taking up the challenge of a Kettlebell certification with the guys & girls at Strength Matters later this year. With a new goal set I am back into regular training with that new found desire edging me forward.

So if you’re stuck with the blues here is my advice:

  1. Enjoy your success! This doesn’t mean undoing all your hard work but have a few days to just relax and take in all that you have achieved.

  2. Take it down a gear, if you where training 4-5x a week drop it by 30% and try something new for a month or two. Running a lot recently? Maybe try yoga once a week to get back some lost mobility. Definitely try to avoid stopping all together – just slow down.

  3. When your ready select a new goal and move forward <<This could take a week, a month or maybe longer but until you have the desire to match the goal at hand its not worth pursuing…You have got to want it!

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  • Shell

    This is exactly how I feel :(((

  • Jamie Stumpe

    Just enjoy a little rest and take the time to select a new goal that you REALLY want. 🙂