Nutrition can be a bit of tricky subject. With information available online, in books and just about every magazine available it can be hard to know what can you actually eat!

Now I am not going to lie and say nutrition is super simple and that it can be summed up in a short blog post but I often see people getting in a pickle with what to eat so I wanted to share with you my nutrition basics.

Basic guidelines

(I prefer guidelines to rules don’t you?)

  1. Eat whole and natural foods – If it has a long old ingredients list you may want to put it back. Mainly stick to whole foods like fresh meats & fish, fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds and plenty of good old fashion water.
  2. Eat three meals a day – You may have heard of some people who eat four or even five smaller meals and that’s great but more often than not I see people struggle to consistently eat three good meals a day let alone five. This also means cutting out all the little snacks…if you’re that hungry you probably didn’t eat enough for your last meal.
  3. Plan your meals – This one is often overlooked, take 10 minutes each week to plan out your meals and write a shopping list for those meals.
  4. Get some sleep (7+ hours) – not only will sleep help you recover from those tough training session but it will hold off those sugar cravings. Don’t believe me? Have 5 hours sleep and look at a chocolate bar without undressing it with your eyes!

I know, I know nothing super flash going with these rules…I mean guidelines! But unless you can honestly say you follow all four regularly, chances are it’s a good place to start.

Once you have mastered the basics you can progress and look a little deeper but until then master these basics…don’t worry, the fancy stuff isn’t going anywhere.

P.S.The difference between the elite and the average is their commitment and mastery of the BASICS.

P.S.S Just because they are basic doesn’t mean they are easy.

Hi, I'm Jamie. My mission is to help busy men and women like you discover that strong, fit and healthy person hidden within so you can grab life by the horns and live with confidence and a smile.
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