A well planned goal should give you a clear plan of what it is you want to achieve, why its important and  what steps need to be taken in order to get there.

A huge mistake I often see people make is to just highlight what they want to achieve without any concern to what needs to be done in order to achieve it.

Ever had a goal in mind but had zero idea where to start or what to do? Yeah thats what I mean.

Please don’t make this mistake…Follow my five simple steps to making your goals ironclad. Take 10-minute outs of your day; grab a pen & paper and lets get started!

Step One:
Creating your big vision.

Now don’t hold back! I want you to write in detail what you want to achieve in the next year. How do you look? How do you feel? How about performances – did you run your first marathon? What size clothes are you? Are you more confident? This is not the time to be shy, be bold with what you want and put as much emotion into it as you can. Put down as much information as possible.

I would highly recommend taking five minutes to just sit and visualise yourself already achieving your goal and then write down how it feels, how it has improved your life and why it’s important to you.

Step Two:
Setting Goals.

Now we want to create clear and concise goals for the next 3-months.

When writing your goals use the following format:

Specific Write clearing what you want to achieve (Who, what, where and why).

Measurable  You need a way to track your progress. This could be by using: before & after photos, tape measurements, fitness tests, blood work test (health issues). Try and use more than one tool just make sure you have a way of measuring your success.

AchievableHow is the rest of you life looking over the next 3-months? Are you moving house? Have you got a massive work project due? Make sure your goals are inlined with the rest of your life.

RelevantYour short term needs to tie in with your long-term vision.

Time-bound – Set a specific deadline for each goal.

Last step before moving on is to write a short paragraph on why this goal important to you…again lets not be shy on the details.

**Remember this is where most people stop! Steps 3-5 is where the magic happens**

Step Three:
Checkpoint goals

We now need to determine three checkpoint goals.

When creating your three checkpoint goals ensure they are related and show measurable improvement towards your goals. We are looking to break down your goal into three smaller chunks.

If your struggling ask yourself this: “What three things do I need to do in order to achieve my goal?”

For example if my goal was to drop two dress sizes in the next three months. My checkpoint goals could be:

  1. I will exercise 3x a week for 45-minutes
  2. I will focus on eating whole natural foods 80% of the time
  3. I will plan and prepare my meals in advanced.

Those are three key checkpoints that I know I would need to complete in order to achieve my goal.


Kettlebell classes essex

Step Four:
Habit List

Now we need to breakdown each checkpoint goal into three simple habits or actions.

Try and make them as clear and simple to follow as you can.

Using my checkpoint habit of “I will exercise 3x a week for 45-minutes” I could set the following habits or actions:

  1. I will pack my gym bag the night before to ensure its ready to go.
  2. I will enlist the help of others by training with friends from work at lunch time
  3. I will invest in some new running trainers as my old ones are falling apart

You may notice that the first two are weekly habit that I could do and the third is a single action I could take. Feel free to pick a mixture of single actions or weekly/daily habits.

Step Five:
Reward for my success

For me this is a super simple way of keeping myself motivated. What am I going to reward myself with if I achieve my goal by set date? This could a shopping trip for new cloths and a night out at a fancy restaurant, A city break away with the family or anything else you want.

Just make sure its something your willing to work hard for!


You now have your very own Bulletproof Goal!

Focus your daily efforts on your habits and by doing so you will achieve your checkpoint goals, achieve your checkpoint and your  goal will be soon to follow.

Habits → Checkpoints → Goals


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