Yes, yes, I know. Chia seeds are the luvvie seed of the moment. Flaxseeds are so last century. But I happen to have a soft spot for these little shiny nutrient dense seeds, and they have a few things going for them.


Also called linseeds, science would tell us that they are in many respects as good as chia seeds, and indeed superior in antioxidents. Plus, they seem a little nutter, they look prettier, they come in different colours (well, two…)  and are about half the price of chia seeds.


Whilst there are many many things you can do with seeds that have been ground or pressed before arriving in your kitchen, that’s for another day. Here are just a few ideas for unadultarated, unfidgetted with flaxseeds.


1. Pancakes

Pop a banana, an egg and a tablespoon of flaxseeds into your blender and within a few seconds you have a great little pancake mix with a bit of texture from the seeds at different blitzed-up stages. If you like, add your own mix of sweet spices before you fry them up.


2. Seed shaker

Don’t hide them in the back of the cupboard. Put them in a mini kilner jar, keep them next to your salt and pepper and you’ll find you use them much more. A little shake on your salad, a little shake into your morning smoothie. A bit of crunch, a bit of protein and some extra goodness.


3. Oh-Mega Fish Balls.

I can’t believe no one’s used this pun before. Or maybe I can. Either way, these balls are high in omegas and mega tasty; and are great as a lighter alternative to meatballs. And they go particularly well with the Raita Style fennel dip.


2 Uncooked Fillets of Fish. (salmon or trout work well)

1 Courgette, grated and vigorously squeezed in a clean tea towel – to get the moisture out.

3 tbsps of flour of your choice (rice flour works well)

1 egg

Optional – a handful of herbs of your choice

Half a wineglass of flax seeds


Preheat the oven to 180. Whizz everything except the flaxseeds up in your food processor and then, with your hands, separate it into ping pong sized balls. Roll the balls loosely in the flax seeds, before popping them on a baking tray and baking for about 20 minutes. These little beauties go with salad or veggies, cauliflower rice or vegetable spaghetti. And they go especially well with the [fennel dip]





Guest Food Blogger. Clair is a Mum of two with an obsession for cooking and an occasional interest in fitness. Clair is currently using her cooking powers as a force for good, rather than evil, and is working with Jamie to bring you some time-saving good-tasting feel-good recipes and kitchen tips to support your training.
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