Sometimes it feels like only bread will do. And if, like me, bread is a trigger food for you, it can result in maybe 4 slices of unsatisfying, mindlessly munched toast. And worse. I may even be tempted by a slice of bread whilst waiting for toast. Bad news.


So in my house bread is largely outlawed, but on the odd occasion that it sneaks in, I have found that the best way to ensure that I can enjoy a slice or two without going “bread-crazy” (if that’s not in the dictionary, it should be), is to load it up with good foods, shake on some seed mix and make a real meal of it. It’s more filling than plain ol’ toast, you have to take smaller bites (if you really load it up), and you’re too busy preparing the toppings to nibble whilst waiting. What’s not to love?


If you haven’t yet ditched the marmalade in favour of more filling and healthy foods, here are a few ideas


Goats Cheese, Tomato & Walnut

Place sliced tomatoes over the toast. Season, and crumble some goats cheese and walnuts over the top. Pop under a really hot grill for a couple of minutes so the goats cheese goes lovely and squidgy.


Cottage cheese, Pineapple & Pear

I am heading up the cottage cheese revolution. It was big in the 80s along with luminous lycra and I’m sure as a cheap and versatile source of protein it will be back in a big way. It’s an awesome filler and goes with everything. Even fruit on toast.


Banana & Nut Butter

Have I mentioned that I love this flavour combination before?! It works. And I’m suggesting a whole banana on a slice of bread. Even I would have trouble going back for more. A sure cure for going ‘bread crazy’! [Jamie note: This makes an awesome post-workout meal]


Guest Food Blogger. Clair is a Mum of two with an obsession for cooking and an occasional interest in fitness. Clair is currently using her cooking powers as a force for good, rather than evil, and is working with Jamie to bring you some time-saving good-tasting feel-good recipes and kitchen tips to support your training.
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