Looking for a new finisher for the end of your workout? Or maybe you want stronger grip, shoulders and legs? 

Kettlebell loaded carries make for an awesome finisher. In the video below I will demonstrate three different types of loaded carries you can do:

  • Waiters walks
  • Rack walk
  • Suitcase carry



The Workout

You are going to need a few things:

  • moderate to heavy size kettlebell (Guys can start with a 20kg and Ladies with a 16kg but feel free to go heavy if you like).
  • A timer or stopwatch (Mobile works fine)
  • A clear space at least 15ft long (can do less you just will turn around more)

Set your timer for 8-minutes and start with a suitcase carry. Walk as far as you can before changing to the other hand (aim for equal distance on both arms), then transition to the rack walk and then finally onto waiters walk. Then start back again with suitcase carries and repeat until the timer runs out.



  • Start with your weaker side first and always aim for equal distance on both arms (don’t do more on your strong side)
  • Avoid putting the kettlebell down even between drills
  • Each week increase the time until you get to 12-minutes.
  • Feel free to mix up the order of the drills each week to keep things fresh.



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